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October 2018

Singapore Emcee Sherman Tang hosted Avi-Tech’s Annual Dinner and Dance 2018

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“Night of Champions” D&D for Avi-Tech at the Carlton Hotel with Emcee Sherman Tang

What a night it was for the good people of Avi-Tech. The staff partied real hard and they had only one thing on their minds, and that was to have fun! Check out the pictures above. All pictures were taken by professional photographer Helen Ang from The Parrot Pictures LLP.

I wore my favorite football jersey from Arsenal FC. Well…Arsenal may not be champions but they were once champions before. So i guess what i wore that night was kind of justified. Hehehe…

Backing that night was my good buddy Chong Der.

Thank you to all the party goers from Avi-Tech, Events Organisers and the Banquet Staff for making the night memorable!

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Singapore Emcee Sherman Tang Hosted RHB’s Family Day 2018

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RHB Family Day at Sentosa with Singapore Emcee Sherman Tang

It was a fun day under the sun at the Sentosa for RHB family day! To me Sentosa is one of the most conducive venue to hold family days. There were so many activities for all the guests that day including GIANT bouncers, arcade machines and so much more.

Big thanks to all the great people at RHB for having me be your emcee. Hope to see all of you next time!

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Singapore Emcee Sherman Tang emceed Sats Catering’s Family Day 2018

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“Kampong Spirit” Family Day for Sats Catering at the Changi Civil Service Club with Emcee Sherman Tang

Its been awhile since I last updated the blog, so here goes..

I have the privilege of hosting Sats Catering’s family at the beautiful Changi Civil Service Club. Why beautiful you may ask.. because I love the structure of the building as it has the heritage kind of feel and of course the venue was just beside the beach. Lots of “natural air con”. 🙂

Backing me that day was my good buddy DJ Felix.

Entertaining the crowd was another of my good friend Mystifying Imran. I wished i had the time to take a picture with him that day.

Big thanks to the wonderful crowd of Sats Catering, Events Organisers, and everyone who worked so hard behind the scenes.

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