Showcasing dangerous stunts

Imagine a show without boundaries

After 3 years in the making, Sherman Tang is proud to present “Silent X”. The show is based on a series of dangerous stunts that promises to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. There are lots of audience participation even though the performer does not say a single word on stage. Thus “Silent X” has no language barrier and is suitable for all regardless of nationality or language.


Razor Blades

Sherman gets a member of the audience to inspect a number of extremely sharp razor blades and proceeds to swallow them all at a go.

Nail Roulette

A 6 inch nail is pushed through a hole in a block of wood so it stands upright and is placed into a paper bag which is then sealed. Three more identical bags are introduced and are mixed up. An audience member selects a bag and Sherman slams his hand down on it.


Sherman places 3 vegetables on the volunteers hand and head and proceeds by chopping them using an extremely sharp katana, blind folded. A modern twist to the William Tell legend.

Interested in SilentX?

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