Parrot Illusion Show

A unique show like no other

Sherman Tang Parrot Illusion
The “Parrot Illusion Show” is an interactive family friendly stage show for all ages. The show consists of:

Live Parrots
Audience Participations
Illusions and more

The “Parrot Illusion Show” is a unique and exotic show time for your upcoming:

Family Day Event
Shopping Mall Event
Dinner and Dance Event and more.


Blue and Gold

A modern, high-energy magic sequence using blue and gold objects. For the climax, Sherman magically produces a 90cm long LIVE Blue and Gold Macaw.
Truly breathtaking.

Parted Parrot

A fun filled comedic magic effect whereby Sherman saws his “assistant” (his parrot friend) into half.

Perfect Pet

You’ve seen dogs do tricks. Have you seen a parrot predict the future? Sherman’s parrot successfully predicts the outcome of a card trick under impossible circumstances.

Interested in The Parrot Illusion Show?

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